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About Orbital Air, Inc

Nova Hall last descendent of Donald A. Hall (left) and David J. Pashman

Orbital Air, Inc. is based out of Sedona, Arizona where the Hall family has resided for 17 years. Nova Hall, grandson of Spirit designer and Chief Engineer, Donald A. Hall, is President of OA with friend and V.P. David J. Pashman. Orbital Air, Inc. has one primary goal, the establishment of the education driven Donald A. Hall Aviation Foundation through fundraising & networking. Licensing the Donald A. Hall Estate (an extensive collection about the Spirit of St. Louis, Donald A. Hall, and his life long friend Charles A. Lindbergh), the Hall Aviation Foundation will continue to promote the legacy of the Spirit to the next generation. In February of 1927, it was a "...sixty-day experiment that opened a new chapter in aviation and the lifelong friendship between two men who had faith in the sky and insubstantial air." It was a time like no equal, when machines could fly and the dark Atlantic awaited a slender silver ship named Spirit of St. Louis.

Nova Hall

Nova Hall is 26 years old and the last descendent of Donald A. Hall, Chief Engineer and designer of the Spirit of St. Louis. Nova Hall was born in 1976 in California. Nova is an only child, the son of parents from two different faiths, and is following in his grandfather/father's footsteps. At an early age, he was introduced to aeronautics through the San Diego Aerospace Museum and the Spirit of St. Louis. Nova lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is an aspiring photographer/writer. He was attending Northern Arizona University, majoring in International Affairs, when his father became ill. Stepping into the family herb business and restructuring the company, he incorporated in 2000. Nova is currently President of that corporation with some day-to-day responsibilities. He is also President of Orbital Air, Inc. He attended the AIAA’s 74th Anniversary of the Spirit’s First Flight in April of 2001 and is on the National Lindbergh 75th Anniversary Committee. Nova holds the position of Webmaster and Competent Toastmaster (CTM) in his local Toastmasters of Sedona club. An associate member of the Arizona Book Publishing Association, Nova plans to continue to write, photograph, and build Orbital Air, Inc. with long time friend and business associate David J. Pashman. Nova’s goal for 2003 entails firmly establishing the Hall Aviation Foundation, finishing his screenplay based on his book/grandfather, and awarding the new Foundation's first university scholarship to a qualified design/engineering student.

David J. Pashman

David J. Pashman is 35 years old and the first of two children. He is VP of Orbital Air, Inc. and a long time friend of the Hall family. David was born in New Jersey and relocated to Sedona, AZ seven years ago. David brings extensive business experience, knowledge of the entertainment industry (as a child actor), and professional sales knowledge to Orbital Air, Inc. He is a original member of the National Lindbergh 75th Anniversary Committee. Mr. Pashman is also VP of Membership for our local Toastmasters of Sedona club. David and Nova have been friends for many years and plan to build the Hall Aviation Foundation and compete in the much publicized X-Prize with Orbital Air, Inc. A concept model has already been completed.

Orbital Air, Inc. Contact

Orbital Air, Inc. can be contacted via phone, mail, or via email at:

  • Phone: 602.971.2188

  • Mail: Orbital Air, Inc. 12231 N. 19th St. Suite #218, Phoenix, AZ 85022

  • Email:

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