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Photos of Charles Lindbergh in Mexico (1927-28)

Pictures are from the personal collection of Ms. Gudadalupe Carranza Del Vecchio, youngest sister of Capt. Emilio Carranza. Pictures supplied by R Del Vecchio with

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Attached is another interesting picture. This is from a newspaper clipping from a Mexican newspaper dating to 1928. Unfortunately the picture does not include the name, date, and page of the newspaper. The title states: “Dos Ases de la Aviación” – Two Aviation Aces. The caption states: “El Capitán Emilio Carranza y el Coronel Carlos Augusto Lindbergh después de que aterrizaron en el aeródromo Mitchell de regreso de Detroit a donde ambos fueron para presenciar la inauguración del a Olimpiada Aérea que se efectuó en esa ciudad.” – My translation is: “Captain Emilio Carranza and Colonel Charles August Lindberg after landing at Mitchell airfield after returning from Detroit where both attended the opening of the Air Show [Olympics] held in that city”.

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CLindbergh in Cuernavaca – 24 Dec 1927. Col Lindbergh in what appears to be a reception in the town of Cuernavaca, Morelos being presented with what appears to be a pottery gift. The inscription on the top of the photograph reads: “427. Cuernavaca. 24 XII 27 Lindbergh”

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Lindbergh in Mexico City – 16 Dec 1927. Col Lindbergh posing with an airplane with Mexican Air Force markings shown under the top right wing. The picture shows the emblem of Foto Cortez on the lower left corner and on the lower right corner the inscription reads: “Coronel Carlos A. Linddbergh En el Campo de Aviación, México D.F. 12-16-1927”.


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