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The Spirit's Designer: Donald A. Hall, Sr.
Charles Lindbergh and Donald Hall
Charles Lindbergh and Donald Hall (right)

In sixty days in 1927, Donald Hall and Charles Lindbergh designed the Spirit of St. Louis and planned a flight to Paris. Donald A. Hall worked an average of 90 hours per week, with few breaks. Once he worked for 36 hours strait and at another point over 20 hours. In 60-days they made history...

The Web site has partnered with Orbital Air, Inc. to offer the following online resources dedicated to the memory of Donald A. Hall, Sr. and to document the history of his work with Charles Lindbergh.

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Donald A. Hall Photograph & Document Collection—943 Images:
This extensive collection contains hundreds of rare photographs and documents from Donald Hall's personal collection. Many of the photographs and documents related to the Spirit of St. Louis design plus the collection includes letters from Charles Lindbergh to Donald Hall.
Donald Hall and Charles Lindbergh
Donald A. Hall Biography Highlights
Secrets of the Spirit: Charles Lindbergh, Donald Hall, and the Plane That Made History By Nick T. Spark
The Spirit of St. Louis Story—Written in association with the Lindbergh Foundation & the Hall Aviation Foundation.
Technical preparation of the Spirit of St. Louis:
View individual pages or download PDF file.
Donald A. Hall News Clippings & Articles
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